YOUR CONSULTANT IS Frances Jane Martes

My Story

I enjoy scented stuff since memory and in 2018 I started purchasing Scentsy products because I was enjoying it a lot and this year I made the decision to sign up,I feel that Scentsy will be a great turning point of my life as I am still working as a Registered Nurse Division 1 in Aged Care Facility, the level of responsibility and challenges can be exasperating. I realized that everytime I am using my scentsy products I felt ecstatic and relieved from all the stress in day to day challenges for a Mum of 2, a Teenager boy and a Prep girl( 10 year gap,therefore I had to deal in different parenting strategies). I had this image of spending more time with my 6 yr old daughter when I become successful with my Scentsy business,so I signed up in Scentsy. Since I am new to this business,my burning passion to succeed is uttermost. I love the products and I see the quality are the highest standards of warmers and diffusers for home fragrances. What I am doing is far from my chosen profession at the moment but I love Scentsy that I want to share the experience to my family,friends and others. Also,my goal is to spend more time with my family soon and continue to do things that I love the most!